5 most frequently asked questions regarding lip fillers

By Hannah Depledge

June 9 2018

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Lip augmentation is one of the most commonly carried out non-surgical treatments in the UK right now and in this blog Aesthetic Nurse Hannah Depledge from Eterno Aesthetics in Sheffield, answers some of the questions she frequently gets asked on the subject.

How much does it cost?

Hannah encourages people to come in for a consultation prior to having lip enhancement. The consultation is free, and you get a full hour with Hannah to discuss what you what to achieve. A £50 deposit is taken to secure the consultation. There is no obligation to purchase a treatment we only retain the deposit for ‘no shows’ and if you decide to go ahead with a treatment then the deposit s deducted form the final cost of your treatment on the day or refunded if you decide the treatment isn’t for you. During the consultation, Hannah will discuss which is the best product for your needs. We use two types of fillers for lip enhancement: Standard Lip Filler cost £230 Premium Lip Filler cost £270 We do offer pay monthly with Pretty Face Finance where you can spread the cost of the treatment over three, six or nine months.

Does it hurt?

Let’s face it, you are having injections into your lip, so the procedure isn’t going to be totally free from discomfort, but most people say they were worried about pain but found it not to be as bad as they thought it would be. A numbing cream is applied to your lips beforehand which makes it more comfortable. Some practitioners use a dental block prior to doing lip injections but that is not part of our procedure at Eterno Aesthetics as in the rare event of a complication occurring, a dental block can mask the signs, making them less obvious to see.

What are lip fillers made from?

At Eterno Aesthetics we only use temporary dermal fillers in the lip, made from a colourless gel called hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance and as we age we stop producing it. This is one of the reasons we start to get wrinkles and the skin starts to sag. Ageing in the lip shows in the form of thinner, dehydrated lips, lacking in structure. Lines appear above the lip (often called smokers lines, but even people who don’t smoke still get these).

Are Lip fillers safe?

Lip fillers are a non-surgical treatment, and like all medical procedures, there are always risks associated. However, if performed by experienced and qualified medical practitioners, it is much safer. There is very little regulation in the UK for those who can offer dermal filler treatments, anyone who advertises the treatment can do it! However non-medical practitioners will not be able to look after you or prescribe if anything unexpected happens, so it is essential you do your research into who will be carrying out your treatment and the qualifications they hold, even if it means paying more.

Will I end up with a trout pout?

The answer is no. Not if you choose a medical practitioner that is specially trained in facial assessment and knows how to look at your face as a whole; and create a lip for you that enhances your features, not takes over them. Hannah specialises in lip augmentation and it is one of her most sought-after treatments. Using only the best products on the market to give you a natural look.

To find out more about lip enhancement and to look at some of our before and after pictures click here. Lip Enhancements.

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